The Week in Passing

Happy weekend! Can’t believe it’s yet another week in the books. It feels so strange that on any given day I feel aimless and not in the mood for any more books/Netflix/walks/quarantine activities, and yet the week as a whole just zooms past. I guess I’m not complaining…every week that passes is a week closer to normalcy 🙂

The highlight of my week was taking part in this online trivia night. This week was my second time joining and it’s a ton of fun! The trivia is a good mix between easy and challenging questions, the host is a lot of fun and changes up each round, and I’ve really been looking forward to Monday nights because it’s such a blast! It streams weekly at 8pm ET if you’re interested too.

What I’m reading

  • Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo – I’m around 15% in and honestly not sure if I’ll continue…it’s a very different style than I’m used to and none of the characters have really caught my attention so far. I haven’t read a lot of works by Black authors before so the perspective is refreshing, but story-wise, I’m kind of bored with it.
  • Other than that, reading has been slow this week. There are a LOT of books around the house that I never read, so maybe I’ll pick up one of those. Just so uninspired lately!!

What I’m watching

  • The Bon Appetit Youtube channel! I’m OBSESSED with the videos they put out and the cast of personalities on the team. Brad is pure chaos, Claire is an anxious perfectionist, Molly is Cali millennial to a T, Alex is charming and gets along with everyone, Sohla is sanity incarnate, and so on. My favorite video is a recent one where Brad and Chris tried recreating Andes mints. As one commenter put it, “Brad’s golden retriever energy, and Chris’s unreasonably expensive cat energy is giving me life” and I can’t think of anything more accurate 😆
  • Yale’s online course The Science of Well-Being, informally known as the happiness course. Usually I’m not interested in vague concepts like this but I’ve been hearing about and seeing this everywhere so I gave it a shot. And I’m glad I did – I’m on week 2 currently but there’s already been some really good information about what does and doesn’t make us happy. The Cut also wrote a great article summarizing the main points of the course.
  • Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu is really good. I just finished episode 4, and the pacing and acting are both amazing. I didn’t read the book but I’ve seen reviews that say while the show made some notable changes, it still really holds up to the original material. Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington seriously carry the show!

Home workouts

I never thought I’d say this, but I haven’t been outside in literally a month. A MONTH! We’ve been fortunate enough to get our groceries delivered, and I haven’t left the house even for walks. The Nike Training Club App has been a godsend in terms of keeping me active. It has hundreds of different workouts that you can filter by length, body area you want to target, equipment you have, etc, and every workout has videos of all the moves. It’s also super sleek and easy to use (and makes you feel like a badass for exercising with them). Best of all, everything is free, even the premium content! This is not an ad, I just really love this app 😆

Around town

And finally, some links from around the web that made me smile this week…

  1. Can you believe the photo above is actually a painting? Elizabeth Geisler is insanely talented. I want to feel as tranquil as this water looks.
  2. Absolutely love love love this directory of female artists! So many styles, ethnicities, and body shapes represented.
  3. This dad’s voice recognition was accidentally on while he played tuba. An oldie but I laugh every time.
  4. Posters as art. So bright and colorful!
  5. What a cute Twitter account dedicated to bodega cats.
  6. The Getty Museum challenged people to recreate famous artworks – so creative.

Have a peaceful weekend.

(art by Elizabeth Geisler, Mia Coleman)

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    1. I hear you, it’s like every company is coming out with their own streaming service these days! Currently I have Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video and that’s it, I’m not shelling out for any more even though I’d love to check out the shows on others.

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