Merry Christmas!

This would be one of my ideal cozy places for winter – imagine curling up with a book in that corner, sipping hot chocolate and occasionally looking out the window at the snowy views!

My family is joining me in NYC today and we have plans to visit the holiday markets, skate at the Bryant Park Winter Village ice rink, and grab dinner in the East Village 🙂 Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are flying out to London, where we’ll be staying until the 31st – I absolutely love London while it’s his first time visiting, and I’m so excited to show him around!

Hope everyone has a very warm, very merry Christmas!

P.S. Last year I read and loved The Little Book of Hygge (and I get such a kick that the author’s name is basically “Mike Viking”), and this shot of Grindelwald, Switzerland looks like the setting of a fairytale.

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